Building self confidence and self esteem.

Woodworking builds Perseverance

Create Something

That will make the world awesome!

Scroll Sawing
Wood Turning
Wooden Bird

Wood Craft

Woodworking allows students to use their hands, builds confidence, strengthens character, and problem solving capabilities and is useful in all careers and in every educational experience.


Using a lathe, students can create bowls, vases, spinning tops and flower pots. The only limit is their imagination!


It’s like a flambé, only with wood! Wood burning creates beautiful effects, highlighting various grain patterns.

Be a creator!

Woodworking allows our students to become creators. Whether it’s making a bowl using a lathe, a puzzle box or a table, students can let there creativity flow. This allows risk taking, opportunities for refinement and pride in workmanship.

Scroll Sawing

Create an intricate piece of art using a scroll saw. Puzzles, plaques, typography, ornaments, these are just a few of the projects our students can make.


Students learn the basics of construction through building various projects such as chicken coops and greenhouses, and by performing small renovation initiatives.
Woodwork 2

Builds self confidence

Through the use of real tools, real responsibility, and accomplishing real tasks, students feel empowered by their ability to achieve. What might initially feel overwhelming or challenging is overcome as students press on and gain new skills.


An engineer is a person who designs and builds complex products, machines, systems, or structures. By exposing students to drafting and planning we build on these skills readying them for the future.


By creating a classroom environment tailored to design, we are able to instill traits such as creativity, curiosity, communication and problem solving.

“Woodworking minus patience equals firewood.”

Never Give Up
Woodworking allows children to be makers, tinkerers, artists, and engineers while solving problems and learning persistence and perseverance.
Woodworking develops self-confidence, responsibility, appreciation for self and others, and respect for materials and safety.
Problem Solving
Woodworking increases fine motor skills, explores creativity, teaches problem solving skills, and develops pride in workmanship.