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Educational Philosophy

At LCA, we believe education should be exciting. We embrace BC’s new modernized curriculum and provide a wide range of teaching styles to unlock every student’s full potential.


LCA primary students start their first years of school with a blend of phonics-based language instruction, hands-on math exploration and Play-based learning. These methods develop foundational concepts, build social skills and ensures that there is a lot of fun and encouragement along the way.

Middle School

 At LCA, Middle School is about opportunity. Students in grades 6 to 8 are engaged in an expansive curriculum built on innovative technology and experiential learning. They dive into subjects in interesting ways, working to create real products, solve real problems, and make a real difference.

High School

At LCA, High School is about preparing students for their exit from school and their life ahead. Solid academics, individualized programs, real world projects and work experience ensures that students are equipped for whatever education, career and life track they choose.

Building Community – A Feeling of Belonging

We offer the ability for your child to be known, to have their unique abilities and gifts highlighted and encouraged while getting support in the areas that are more challenging for them. In elementary, students learn foundational concepts and build socials skills in a supportive, creative, hands-on environment. As students grow into the middle and high school years, they have an opportunity to not only try new things through a system of exploratory classes, but also develop a unique time table that suits their interests and abilities. In the high school, we have a cutting-edge blended learning model so that students can meet their academic requirements, while also focusing on electives that are specific to their goals after they complete high school.
Children at LCA are valued and appreciated. Families here are welcome. We believe in the need to partner with parents in order to encourage a God-centered life of service, health and faith. We desire to team with parents to enable their child to grow and mature into the person God intended them to be.
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