Transforming Dreams into Reality

Invest in Our Future – LCA Champions Fund

Faith: Hand-in-hand with God


Walking with God, Building Champions

Percentage to our goal:21%

We invite you to be a part of our mission

At Lighthouse Christian Academy, we believe that education extends beyond the classroom walls. Our mission is to nurture the whole child—mind, body, and spirit—through a Christ-centered approach. As we embark on this exciting journey to fund a new gymnasium, we invite our entire community to join us in a daily walk with God.

Our Pillars:

1. Faith: We walk hand-in-hand with God, seeking His guidance in all we do. Our students learn to trust in His plan, finding strength and purpose through prayer, scripture, and fellowship.

2. Academics: Excellence in education is our cornerstone. We equip students with knowledge, critical thinking skills, and a love for learning through exciting approaches to education. Our gymnasium will be a space where physical and mental growth intersect.

3. Character: Character development is paramount. Integrity, compassion, and kindness are woven into our curriculum. In the gym, students will learn teamwork, resilience, and sportsmanship—the same values that honor God.

4. Community: We are a family. Our gymnasium will be a hub for community gatherings, celebrations, and friendly competition. Together, we build lasting relationships and support one another.

Our Vision:

“Empowering Champions: Body, Mind, and Spirit”

In our new gym, students will not only shoot hoops and run laps but also discover their inner champions. Whether it’s a basketball game, a morning devotion, or a fitness class, every step will be guided by faith. We envision a place where victories are celebrated, defeats are met with grace, and every student feels the warmth of God’s love.

Our Goal:

Transforming Dreams Into Reality: Our $1.4 Million Fundraising Goal

Our gymnasium will be more than steel beams and polished floors; it is a sanctuary where faith meets fitness. Here, the echo of sneakers will harmonize with morning devotionals. The scoreboard will tally more than points; it will measure character, integrity, and the indomitable spirit of our students.

Join Us:

As we raise funds for our gym, we invite you to walk alongside us. Your support ensures that our students have a safe, inspiring space to grow physically and spiritually. Together, we illuminate the path, just like the lighthouse that guides ships through stormy seas.

“Walking with God, Building Champions”—this is our mission, our calling, and our promise to the next generation.

May this mission inspire hearts, ignite passion, and lead to a gymnasium that echoes with laughter, prayer, and the sound of young champions rising. 



Send an immediate or monthly donation using electronic funds transfer to us at bookkeeper@lcawestshore.com. Please indicate in the notes section your full name and the Champions Campaign.


Mail or drop off cash or cheques:

Lighthouse Christian Academy
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Victoria, BC
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A memorial or honorary gift is a thoughtful way to commemorate the life of a loved one who has passed away or a significant family event.  Gifts of any size can be directed to an existing fund, or you can establish a named fund for a particular purpose.

Please contact mmchugh@lcawestshore.com for more information.