Communicable Disease Prevention Plan

Lighthouse Christian Academy School Plan – Updated October 4, 2021 

Health and Safety 

The safety of our families and staff is of utmost importance to us. Please find below an updated outline of the protocols in place for the school. 


  1. Parents are to complete the health checklist at home. This does not need to be submitted to the school. Here is a link to the updated checklist. K-12 Health Check
  2. Parents may drop their children off and say their good-byes in their vehicle. Cars will then loop through the parking lot as directed. (recommended)
  3. Parents may park and take their children into school. Parents are required to wear a mask while inside the school. (Please note that parking is very limited) 
  4. Children who show any symptoms relating to Covid-19 will not be allowed into the building. Any symptoms similar to those of Covid-19 will prevent a child from attending school. 
  5. During school, any child showing Covid-19 related symptoms will have their parents contacted and must be picked up immediately. Children will be in an isolation area until pick up. 
  6. Parents needing to drop things off at the office are asked to either send things with their children or wear a mask as they enter the school. 
  7. Drop off for all grades is from 8:10-8:30. Pick up for elementary is from 3:00 to 3:30 and middle/high 3:10-3:30. 
  8. Supervision is available from 8:10 in the morning and until 3:30 Monday to Thursday and 2:30 Friday. Children must be picked up by 3:30 Monday to Thursday and 2:30 on Friday. 


  1. Hand washing – Students will be washing hands throughout the day following the pandemic hand washing guidelines. 
  2. Physical distancing will be based on personal distancing and ensuring adequate space in the classroom. 
  3. Masks – Students are expected to provide their own masks. 
  • Teachers and staff in K-12 will wear masks in class
  • Grades K -12  students will wear masks in class and in common areas. 
  • Grades K-12 students must wear masks while singing. Masks are required while on the school bus. 
  • Masks requirements for P.E. vary with sport intensity.
  1. Students will have their own writing tools and equipment
  2. Lunches will be eaten at each student’s desk or table area or in a designated area outside 
  3. The fridge and access to utensils will not be available to students. 
  4. The water fountain can now be used however, we are encouraging students to bring their own water bottle that should be taken home every weekend for cleaning. 
  5. Recess times will be staggered between Middle/High and Elementary 
  6. Playground equipment use will require students to wash hands before and after use. 
  7. Sports equipment may be shared 


  1. Cleaning of washrooms will be done on a daily basis
  2. High contact areas inside the classroom will be cleaned on a regular basis throughout the day 
  3. Outside the classroom will be cleaned on a regular basis throughout the day 

 Cohort Learning Groups

Cohort groups are not required or recommended by the Ministry of Health and Education 


The school will communicate via our communication plan. Regular updates will be sent to the parents via newsletter, Google forums, Facebook, website and Remind. Notifications of any Covid cases will be under the direction of the PHO and VIHA.