A letter from the Principal

Dear Parents and Caregivers, 
This school year should be an interesting one to say the least. We know that most of you are ready to send your children back feeling confident they will remain safe and healthy. However some of you are worried about your child’s health physically, mentally and socially. We want to assure you that we are mindful of Covid-19 related issues and of the effects they can have on your children and we have planned accordingly. 
The LCA restart plan is included in this package. We have planned over and above the guidelines given by the Ministry of Education and the Provincial Health Office. Our small size gives us a definite advantage here. The whole middle/high school building will remain as one cohort group. This means that students will be interacting within a 60 person limit rather than the maximum group for high school of 120 people. In elementary, we have only two cohort groups. Both groups will have a maximum size of 60 people. Break times, facility and property use and cohort management will be easily organized with our small student population. Our school also has several physical advantages. 
Each class in the elementary building has their own sink and in the middle/high building, each class has been assigned a separate sink. Although alcohol based cleansers are available, they can sometimes cause skin reactions. Having ample sinks allows students to actually wash their hands with soap and water. Unlike a closed ventilation system where the same air, although filtered, is recycled throughout the school, we have windows in every classroom and thus fresh air is readily available.Our school grounds have many areas to take classes for outside learning and breaks. The area in which our school is located contains several parks which can be used as well. Truly our little school is blessed with many advantages. The mental health of students has always been important to us. 
We pride ourselves on knowing your child. The close connection between teachers and students and collaboration between teachers lets us keep track of where students are emotionally. Our partnership with you, the parents, lets us work together to protect and support student mental health. Education and conversation about mental health will happen with students on a regular basis. Most importantly, our relationship with God allows us to know that all things are in his hands. He will protect and keep us safe, he has a plan for each of our lives and he can grant us the peace that transcends all understanding. Social connection is also a major part of metal health. 
While academic excellence remains important this year, we are mindful of the need for students to have safe social connections. We plan to have breaks throughout the day for students to simply connect. Outside breaks, devotion and prayer time, games or hangout times will be included in each day. Special events like “Camp Lighthouse’ will be planned throughout the year. 
And finally, as the events change related to Covid-19 and the direction of Minister Fleming and Dr. Henry; Lighthouse is like a speedboat and can quickly adapt to any new situation. We are currently planning for several different education scenarios. 
We hope that this will bring you some comfort about the year ahead. While we are very confident in our in class program, we also understand that special circumstances might require an alternative to in class learning. Please contact us if you require some alteration to the 100% in class model we have provided. 
Blessings, safety and health, 
Karen Daniels, 
Principal Lighthouse Christian Academy