Middle School

Interactive Learning

Interactive learning is a hands-on approach to help students become more engaged and retain more material. With or without a form of technology, interactive learning helps students strengthen problem solving and critical thinking skills.
Visual Learners
Auditory Learners
Kinesthetic Learners


When students are given the ability to learn in a practical hands-on environment, they are often more engaged, more stimulated and more motivated to learn as much as possible. Studies have shown that when students sit and listen intently, but passively in a lecture-style environment, they retain only 20 percent of the presented information. When they are given the opportunity to practice what they have just learned, that percentage increases to 75 percent.
Lecture Based Retention20%
Project Based Retention75%
Art 5
Capernwray 3

Real-World Education

Students are more likely to be interested in what they are learning, more motivated to learn new concepts and skills, and better prepared to succeed in college, careers, and adulthood if what they are learning mirrors real-life. This equips them with practical and useful skills, and addresses topics that are relevant and applicable to their lives outside of school.

Creating self directed, independent thinkers.

“When students engage in Project-based learning, they experience the sheer joy of learning. They are able to hit a state of creative flow and learn that there’s something deeply profound about creativity. They become self-directed, independent thinkers.” – John Spencer


At Lighthouse Christian Academy, Middle School is framed around the concept of learning, exploring and experiencing many different things.  This allows students to discover their interests and build in them a growth mindset.

Project Based Learning

We make learning come alive for our students! As a result, students develop deep content knowledge as well as critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and communication skills. Project based Learning unleashes a contagious, creative energy among students.